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Nail Services

The role of a nail technician is to look after the client’s fingernails and toenails. They are able to give advice on nail care and product selection. False nails are not a replacement, but an extension for natural nails. Tips are made of lightweight plastic plates that are “nail”-shaped. They are glued on the end of the natural nail and acrylic is then applied over the entire nail.

Another popular choice for artificial nails are UV gel nails. The UV gel hardens under ultraviolet light so has better flexibility and strength. They are removed by filing (or by letting the natural nail grow out). There are a range of soak off UV gels which can be easily removed using acetone.


Gel Nails, with extensions white or coloured


Gel Infills


Acrylic Nails, with extensions white or coloured


Acrylic Nails, with natural extensions and painted


Acrylic Infills